Your beard myths, debunked.

Makai SalonMyth 1 – Your facial hair will get fuller, if you shave more often
Shaving frequently absolutely does not make your hair grow fuller. If you shave often, you’re feeling the prickly sensation of hair growing back more frequently, which is why it may seem so.

Myth 2: Certain foods make your beard grow quicker.
No food or vitamin makes the beard grow faster. However, we need amino acids & protein in our diet to grow hair. Guys who are anemic often experience beard thinning.

Myth 3: Gray beards are coarser.
If anything, our follicles become smaller as we age. Gray beards are not much different than regular ones. If it seems coarse, it may not be conditioned properly or is full of split ends.


side parts and headbands.


If you haven’t heard yet, The Great Gatsby opens in May and you’ll definitely be seeing some stylish hairstyles and some seriously trendy fashion as well, everything over the top. How do you feel about the side part, and the headbands and hair accessories? It’s around quite a bit now, but obviously not as much as it was in the 20’s.