Your beard myths, debunked.

Makai SalonMyth 1 – Your facial hair will get fuller, if you shave more often
Shaving frequently absolutely does not make your hair grow fuller. If you shave often, you’re feeling the prickly sensation of hair growing back more frequently, which is why it may seem so.

Myth 2: Certain foods make your beard grow quicker.
No food or vitamin makes the beard grow faster. However, we need amino acids & protein in our diet to grow hair. Guys who are anemic often experience beard thinning.

Myth 3: Gray beards are coarser.
If anything, our follicles become smaller as we age. Gray beards are not much different than regular ones. If it seems coarse, it may not be conditioned properly or is full of split ends.


It’s in the job description

Have you ever not known what to do with your hair, and have been too reluctant to go to a stylist and tell them “just do what you do.”

It’s happened to all of us, but when you know your stylists are educated, fashion forward, and talented, it helps alleviate some pressure.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone ask if they should change their hair, because they couldn’t make up their mind, but ended up not following up, I’d be rich… Maybe branching off to become a hair consultant is somewhere in the future plans… But doesn’t that come with the job description? Being a hairstylist is more than just following directions…

It’s about be able to diagnose, recommend, and treat problems… And, let’s not forget about being a very good listener!


Let’s face it, when it comes to choosing a hairstylist, comfort is king. Knowing that all you’re required to do is sit in a chair and not have to worry about every last snip means a lot. Gaining trust comes in many different ways, and for us it’s important that you know how much we take our job seriously.

Of course, one good experience can say a lot more to a client than any post can, but we’re here to help you through the daily struggles of maintaining that perfect look!