The Mad Men hair era returns

I mean, it’s been around for a while now, but now that mad men is back on tv, I think it’s time to revisit this trend. The classic and slick side-parts of the ’60s are well and truly back. Neat and cropped styles like these are a safe bet for any man.19541-1_l


Five ways to get the Mad Men cut

  • When getting a haircut, be sure to keep medium length on top, but short cropped length on the sides with minimal side burns.
  • Use strong hold hair product with a matte finish (too much slick looks greasy) such as gritty business by Kevin Murphy – work product into damp hair, comb and allow for it to dry in place.
  • Make sure your hair part is dead straight (It’s all about perfection).
  • If you want a little more volume on top, go for a slight quiff by blow drying your fringe up and back over a circular brush.
  • These perfectly-in-place hairstyles can be a little product heavy, so if need be, shampoo twice when showering to ensure excess product is removed.